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Izanagi- & Izanami-no-Okami

Persona 4 otp 

  July 10, 2012 at 10:48pm

Twin Demons Hi and Kōri 

The part where I mentioned that the main player is a demon and either you haven’t tapped into that power yet because you don’t know or you do know but mostly use it for misc reasons.

I don’t know, I plan to do another where one is the the other and versa. But for now have this. -3-

Hi obviously represents the southern parts of Japan, their style in clothing is pretty apparent while Kōri is north of Japan and thus the change in aesthetics.

Ah not as colorful as the others but ninjas have to get into their dark surroundings, right? Space and Fem Space! Shinobi and Kunoichi respectively another addition to your party as you take on your journey in Nippon.

You stumble upon a secret ninja village high up on the mountains and your stopped by the guards as they knock you out before you can take another step forward. As you gain consciousness you find yourself in a jail cell with Space looking at you from outside. With much bargaining with his father/mother they release you and Space shows you around the place, giving you a tour of the ninja hide-away.

But Space in all honesty wants to get out of that place to travel around Nippon since they’ve never left the sacred grounds since they were born and it’s obvious that the parent is against such an idea. 

That night when you are allowed to stay, a loud sound crashes upon the place and appears a thunder demon with a group of its underlings wreaking havoc amongst the ninja. It’s obvious this demon was sent to capture you and you try your best to fight them off but you can’t really since its speed is beyond your range of attacks.

But with Space intervening you’re able to defeat the demon and the sacred ground is safe once more. With that disaster, the next day you are ‘encouraged’ to leave there, with warm farewells, haha. Space decides to come along as well, begging their guardian to accompany you on your journey using ‘I’ll be a better warrior’ if I go with them, reluctantly they let Space go and thus another addition to your group.









Takarazuka’s Rose of Versailles car commercial

I will never not be able to laugh at this commercial

can’t even handle this





this is why Japan sells many things

-dying of giggles-

I lost everything

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