Wheatley and Whitney in the Okami-Portal verse

I had thought up of possible roles for them, one of them doesn’t include the betray addition but takes more a guiding role like in the Portal 2 games. Each role gives a different role to the main player as well.

Celestial Beings

Teams up with the main character because they were given the mission of being your guardian to protect you from evil powers because either a) You’re a descendant of some great warrior or God and have to go through trials to prove your self or b) You’re that of a demon that holds great power and they’re only there to watch you in case you tap in to your power which you do or do not know of. Eventually they betray you by either consuming your power if its the demon way or they are tempted by the dark evil force that was chasing you if you were a warrior or god etc. Either they are embodied by that evil force or able to control it and use it for their own desire like in the Portal 2 game.


This role is the one without the betraying in it, they are more or less your guide through out the game and teach you things despite their lack of knowledge (because the learn as well through out the game as you defeat demons etc).

Blonde-Haired Foreigners ((Gaijiin))

Typical humans, the male asks you to run away with him to travel around all of Nippon to see the sites and what not. The female will ask you to travel with you in search of who she is (temporary amnesia) or help her travel around to get the necessities or connections to send her back home. Both betray you by being engulf by said evil force and use it to control etc

And that’s how far I’ve gotten on this xD

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